Summit Counseling is a community oriented network of private practice counselors that offer a wide range of services for individuals (including children, adolescents, and adults), couples and families.

The mission of Summit Counseling is to provide affordable counseling services in the context of a comfortable environment to those in need. We are proud to meet many of these needs in a convenient way by having a variety of therapists who are uniquely talented in different areas. This creates flexibility in scheduling and the ability to create smaller teams of therapists to work together with a family or group by addressing the individual needs as well as the needs of the system as a whole.

Our therapists specialize in stress, anxiety, depression, women’s and men’s issues, substance abuse, parenting coaching and family therapy, art therapy, play therapy (including filial play therapy and play therapy for children with special needs), and couples therapy while also conducting groups, workshops, seminars and other resources for our clients.  Each of these therapists has a minimum education of a Master’s degree, are experienced, and have participated in specialized in training in their area of practice as well as continuing their education to stay on the cutting edge. Each therapist is registered by the State of Colorado to practice counseling. While these therapists are not employed or clinically supervised by Summit Counseling but rather work as independent practitioners with their own private practices, they have been chosen with care and confidence.

We have offices in South Denver, conveniently located off I-25 and County Line,  just East of Park Meadows Mall.

Jeannine Anderson, MA, LPC

Executive Director & Therapist specializing in EMDR/Trauma

Bethany Adams, MA, LPC

Therapist specializing in children and teens

Megan Barry, MA, LAC

Therapist specializing in Addiction, Anxiety/Depression, Women’s Issues, Parenting, Faith-based counseling

Mike Everson, MA

Therapist specializing in couples, teens and men’s issues

Rachel Howard, MA, NCC

Therapist specializing in young adults, women's issues, and stress management

Libby Kinkead, MA, LAC

Therapist specializing in addiction therapy and recovery, family therapy, anxiety, depression, bipolar, psychosis, adolescents and women’s issues

Susan Peterson, MA

Therapist specializing in couples and family therapy, anxiety and depression

Lisa VanderGriend, MA, LPC, RPT

Therapist specializing in play therapy

Amanda West, MA

Therapist specializing in EMDR/Trauma and Adolescents

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